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Being one of the most effective distance learning tools, webinars allow their attendees to acquire knowledge without being bound to a specific geographical location.

There are several reasons why you should consider attending webinars. One of the most important ones is that you get critically important information related to your business.

What makes webinars different from face-to-face meeting is that they place you in a digital room with a professional willing to share their insights and knowledge. They do have their disadvantages, such as lack of physical contact and poor emotional connection with a lecturer. However, they are offset by the possibility to find a webinar about a topic that grows on you and is relevant to your business. Where else can you learn from professionals from Fortune 500 while sitting in a convenient office or at home and sipping on your coffee?

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Topic 2: Learn how to crack your dream job interview

During the live session you can also ask your specific doubts/queries directly to our trainer.

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Topic 1: How to build a 5-Star resume?

Confused regarding job placements? Stuck which job is for you? Lacking self confidence and communication skills?

Do not worry at all! CareerNaksha, your one stop center for best career guidance in association with Center for Career Counselling Training and Placement under Office of Career Advancement for Students, The MSU Baroda launches LIVE WEBINAR for the following job placement preparation topics-
✅ Crack your dream job interview
✅ Build a 5 -star resume
✅101 basics of communication skills for success in placements
✅How to position yourself for HR Recruitments.

So what’s the wait for!? The webinar starts from 25th July so go fill the Google Registration form now!

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