Python Programming         5 hours

People call it as the language of the century. Dive deep in this language and find out that what makes it reach a high level. 

Chapter 1 : Python basics

Brace yourself with the most fascinating ride in programming world.


Chapter 2 : Data Structures

Structure is necessary, its the base of any art around the world.

1hr. 10min.

Chapter 3 : Object Oriented Programming with Python

Something is cooking….. 
But, what is it…. Find yourself.

2hrs. 27min.

Chapter 4 : Functional programming with Python

Modular approach to solve a problem makes the work easier. 

2hrs 1min.

Chapter 5 : Lambdas, Decorators, Generators

 time to give shape to the wood and make the best thing out of it

1hr. 35min.

Chapter 6 : Testing in Python

Quality checks..? is necessary for the item to have its tag and make it market ready.

1hr. 35min.

Chapter 7 : Debugging

Understanding and giving it final touches.

1hr. 35min.

Chapter 8 : Error Handling

Error popped up.
Am i still worthy..?
Let’s make it sure.

1hr. 35min.

Chapter 9 : Regular Expressions

 regular expression is a special sequence of characters that helps you match or find other strings or sets of strings, using a specialized syntax held in a pattern

1hr. 35min.

Chapter 10 : Comprehensions and Modules

Remember Ravi Shastri’s commentary in 2011 WC when india lifts the cup and dhoni finishes off in style…
Yeah that’s what it is..
Still a long way to go.
Because python is based on modules and modules.

1hr. 35min.

Nen Bakraniya


Microsoft Technology assosciate in Python Programming.
Data scientist by profession, and a python geek by experience.

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