HTML CSS are the backbones of any web development process. To get an uphold of web dev one should have atleast Basic glimpse and adequate knowledge of HTML CSS development. 

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the Web Development

World Wide Web was founded by Tim Berners Lee on 6th August 19__ 
umm.. I forgot the year.
Anyways, this ain’t history class. It’s Web Development.


Chapter 2 : Basics

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) also known as the backbone jatt di…
Not hardy sandhu stuff.. But, its the backbone of any webpage.

 55 min.

Chapter 3 : CSS

Cascading Style Sheet(CSS) also known as the designer for the backbone. Just imagine that your bones in your body is HTML and Skin, colour, texture is CSS. 
Get started with effective CSS.

1 hr. 10min.

Chapter 4 : Joining

Learn how to Join,add , merge 2 of these things together and keep going.

55 mins.

Chapter 5 : Publishing and Domain games

Time to do the crunchiest stuff.
Set, Ready, Publish site on www

1hr. 35min.

Dhruvan Gandhi


Inevitable, Simple and Sober.
The HTML and CSS expert.
Trained more than 50 students in HTML and CSS. 
Web Development is just the icing for this guy. 

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