Filter Creation   4 hours

The Social media is must for everyone nowadays and the filter effects on social media platforms are what we need. 
But have you’ve ever thought how to create filters on Facebook.?
Not on Facebook , but on Instagram..
Don’t worry we got your back. 
We know how to create filters on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat as well.

Chapter 1 : Installation

Starting and loading the guns for the assembling.


Chapter 2 : Basic lighting

Lights. Camera. And Effect click..
But wait.., the lighting isn’t set here..
It ain’t spotify. We need to set mood lighting on our mood. 
And there won’t be any ads out here.

1hr. 10min.

Chapter 3 : Linking of accounts

A quick Question who was the first bollywood Entertainer who got his own instagram Filter effect.
Dive deep, know and don’t stop the Knowledge force.. 

1 hr. 25 mins.

Chapter 4 : Testing

Links links and links..
Testing is just the final step before publishing of your effect.
Because, everything needs to be published in this real world.

1 hr.

Chapter 5 : Finishing off in style

Filter effects aren’t just limited to creation its what makes an artist different from creator.

 45 mins.

Hemakshi Jani


Recognized Filter effect Creator having More than 2 lakh impressions on Instagram and 50 Filter effects. 
Actively working and creating filter effects.

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