English Communication  5 hours

English has been the most used language across the world. Countries mostly communicate using English. But, have you ever encountered stammmmeeeriiiing problem..? Rowan Atkinson had a stammering problem but no stage fear., Most of us don’t speak out what we’ve in our mind just because of Stage fear. 
Take this course and get rid off all these problems. 

Chapter 1 : Nouns and Pronouns

You can’t start learning until you don’t know what is the stepping stone of the same. 

35 mins.

Chapter 2 : Adjectives and Adverbs

Done with the first stepping stone..? Now time for some crunchiest stuff. Let’s add some more to make it superb.

30 mins.

Chapter 3 : Pronouncation and sounds

Not everything requires your strength. Some things require your brain and bit of voice modulation to make any situation under your control.

45 mins.

Chapter 4 : Tenses

Not a single weapon can do the work of all the weapons. Different tasks require different weapons at different times.

2hrs 1min.

Chapter 5 : Types of sentences

 Time to do final Checks on the weapons. So, that the mistake of losing the weapon is never repeated.

55 mins.

Chapter 6 : Strategies of effective communication

Strategize the stuff., Get ready and brace yourself for the roller coaster ride.

1hr. 35min.

Chapter 7 : How to overcome stage fear

Some of the greatest minds who can bring change in this world or their world are just one train away, Make the decision catch that train or stay where you’re. Time to take the leap, no more duck.

1hr. 35min.

Gouri S Nair


Linguistic, Smart, Multi-Talented. Perfection and a mentor of all. Experience and expertise in teaching Learn from the Best of all time.

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