Database Management System  5 hours

The only thing which finds its way everywhere say any programming language. The One who stores, processes, performs at ease is Database management system.

Chapter 1 : Little history about DBMS

When did it starts, Big companies in this stream, where it can be used.


Chapter 2 : Relational query languages

Software and languages we can use in DMBS.


Chapter 3 : Basics about SQL

Fundamentals of SQL, how to create table, insert data, delete data.


Chapter 4 : Join

The very important concept in SQL and DBMS, complete explanation about Join and its types.


Chapter 5 : Transaction and Security

Some real-world examples of Database and explanation of ACID property.


Chapter 6 : Query optimization

How to structure a Query, Query equivalence.


Chapter 7 : Database design

Armstrong’s axioms, Lossless design.


Asif Patel


Very own, self made Database Specialist. Has edge in all kind of Database Management systems. 
A remarkable and well know person in Database Systems. Learn from the Best of all time.

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