Bug Bounty  5 hours

The Internet Bug Bounty rewards friendly hackers who uncover security vulnerabilities in some of the most important software that supports the internet stack. 
Get trained in one of the most crunchiest money making skill by professional.

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the World

Welcome yourself, get ready and start your career in this pool of cyber space.


Chapter 2 : Basics

Before.., moving ahead start off with basics so that if you encounter an error or a bug you might know how big is the bounty.

1hr. 10min.

Chapter 3 : Configuring Burpsuite

Getting your hands ready and configuring the axe in order to cut the tree..? 

2hrs. 27min.

Chapter 4 : Vulnerabilities

Encountered a vulnerability..? What’s the level..? How much is the pay grade..? Know the reality. And find some on your own.

2hrs 1min.

Chapter 5 : Finishing off in style

Remember Ravi Shastri’s commentary in 2011 WC when india lifts the cup and dhoni finishes off in style…
Yeah that’s what it is.. 
Still a long way to go.

1hr. 35min.

Parth Shukla


Very own, self made cyber security specialist and bug bounty researcher.
Leads a team and owns his own company having contracts with some of the leading companies, helping securing them their systems. Learn from the Best of all time.

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