Money all around

Money Money Money
Eventually everything revolves around money,
So what’s the best way to make money per month apart from your full-time job or education.?

Not a clickbait post but a genuine try at putting the ways.

I am jotting down a few points for professionals and students to earn money using their primary skills.

1. Teach on an online platform as an instructor,
2. Become a freelancer and pick up projects/gigs on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr.
3. Become an interview expert and interview candidates on behalf of other companies
4. Create a YouTube channel , share your knowledge, build your audience and monetize through AdSense (long term play)
5. Become a micro-entrepreneur by creating tools, plugins, themes, etc on platforms like Envato and get paid.

Let me know if I have missed something. Feel free to reply with new methods in the comment section.

Well well well, this adds up more to the mental pressure and stress++,
so there’s an alternative for the same.
Help Small startups or ideas to be precise to scale up.
To earn money you need money or you need someone with ssimilar outlook.

Not everything you do in life deserves a certificate.., or do they..?
Well, according to me i don’t think that they deserve certificates.

The world is a socio enterprise full of ideas and startups,
some with great heights, some with duplicate ideas.
A piece of advice,
Don’t stop with the start.
The idea you have today is the idea someone had years back.
Some simply worked on the idea and some just thought it takes time.
To make a vision turn into a well verse scenario or your future is to work upon it.
Airmeet is the classic example of same.

You can keep relaunching your product again and again and again which eventually makes the market your turnaround place.

Or the perfect bid is to make a few changes and rebuild it up with a new look.

Ain’t this all making sense somewhere.?

The major issue is of departments some of the time.
Some are from Arts, Commerce or Science and again there’s a hierarchy of stuff going on again.
This makes the stuff more diverse and adds into more confusion.
Say a Mechanical student who doesn’t knows how to code so what he’ll be doing to earn a lumpsum apart from his job or education system.
Confused what to do, there are thousands of legit ways you can do it.
The Goal is to create an impact and be self sufficient.
so what is the process for the same to work out and be self suffiecient,
Will tell you in the next blog until then i will be setting stage for everyone.