सर्वं परवशं दुःखं सर्वमात्मवशं सुखम्।
एतद् विद्यात् समासेन लक्षणं सुखदुःखयोः॥

Everything that is in other’s control is painful. All that is in self-control is happiness. This is the definition of happiness and pain in short.​

A person undergoing constant hardship, is often vulnerable to depression, anxiety, lack of motivation and all sorts of turbulence falling in this genre. These issues come hand in hand with all the problems, one come across.The constant battle, he or she is facing may drain the entire energy reserve causing not only mental and emotional fatigue,but situations like this are likely to cause serious physical exhaustion as well.This condition can be really dangerous for the subject and can also cause severe irreversible damages, at times even death.

But, is death the solution to every problem we face in real life? Is quitting the only way out?
Even when we are unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it doesn’t mean that we are trapped there forever, it simply means that we have taken few wrong turns. That bright end is just a few turns and steps ahead. All we need to do is, just gather all our strength,motivation and energy and march ahead. Even the stagnant water starts to rot after sometime, how can we expect to gain success and achieve ultimate happiness without even moving?

But, how to deal with this inertness?
Well, just like two humans cannot be congruent to each other, similarly their dealing and coping mechanisms are ought to be different. But, few things remain same despite of all the gaps, uniqueness and differences they possess.
Its always start from the top.



Heated head is a cause of many damages. Our first step is to calm ourselves. Yoga and Meditation are the best ways to keep the mind calm,cool and focused. Yoga and Meditation helps us align ourselves and put us back on track.
Yoga is a gift from India to the world. It helps us in nurturing ourselves not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Its a complete soul food. Yoga also makes us more flexible and active. Endorphins are released when we do any exercise which lowers the pain reception, helping us work-out even more.Not only this, this hormone is responsible for the feeling of happiness and satisfaction.


Meditation helps us heal the invisible wounds that we have in our heart and soul. It brings one, back to the neutral eventually calming the person and help them re-energize themselves.It helps us cleanse our thoughts and words.It also helps us in controlling our mind, because -“Mind is a good servant but a bad master.” Once our thoughts and body is pacified by the healthy diet of yoga and meditation, we can finally work on actions.


Well its pretty simple, all the things that we see, feel or experience is ultimately the result of some physical action. It can either be rigid hand-and-feet movement or verbal.Brain can think and generate all kinds of thoughts-constructive or destructive. But,mere thoughts are futile. They cannot do anything on their own, until and unless our Actions are not matching them.But once they do,it can either help develop the vaccine for small-pox or can make someone bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Now, that we have already pacified the thoughts, we can finally work on our actions. Now, the input coming to us is positive and healthy, that means the actions thus produced will be healthy as well. The hand will come forward not to push someone down the hill, but to help the weak climb up.

Once, our mind and the thoughts processed in it and the actions are aligned and moving towards the growth, a person will automatically be pulled out of any kind of emotional turbulence.When a person is able to give something productive to the universe, the universe will reply to those acts,exponentially enhanced. Once you start spreading happiness and light in the dark world, light will come to you as well.That light and energy will help you fightback any demon within or outside, making your life happy and blissful.

लये संबोधयेत् चित्तं विक्षिप्तं शमयेत् पुनः।
सकशायं विजानीयात् समप्राप्तं न चालयेत् ॥

When the mind is in a stage of dullness, stimulate and awaken it. When the awakened mind thus becomes turbulent, calm it down. In the process, recognize the dirt that surfaced. When the mind reaches a state of equanimity, do not disturb it further.​

:Srishti Srivastava