My internal exam was scheduled on 25th march,2020. All of us were worried and busy preparing for the exam. Calling friends, for asking doubts and certainly not to forget the most important question – “KITNA PADHA?” [how prepared are you?]. In the midst of the mayhem, a news announcement by Modi Ji( our honorable PM) caught my attention at around 9 pm.

Every state, every district, every lane, every village will be under lock down”.

I still laugh whenever I think about the first thought than came in my head- ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (lol!!!!). I was shocked, surprised and TBH, I didn’t know how to react to the situation. After all the speculations and skepticism, I was able to figure out what was going on, definitely like any student (*except well prepared scholars*), I was happy. I mean who wouldn’t want a vacation without thinking about the 75% attendance in the III year of engineering. I was literally living every student’s dream. All I was thinking about was “NETFLIX AND CHILL!!!” {millennial, can’t help!}.

Its been 100+ days since the lock down started and frankly, its not as fun as I thought it would be. Months since I last met my friends. I miss college and its fun, the food, hanging out, going places, chilling with the gang and the irony is, I have even started missing the exam pressure now. Keeping fun aside, I caught myself dwelling and pondering- what now? What will happen once the world get back on its feet or will it ever be the same again or the things have changed forever? All our dreams and wishes, are they also now concealed and subdued just like our face behind the mask?

“Life always waits for some crises to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant”

– Paulo Coelho.

Can you recall the last time you sat with your family around the table for a round of monopoly or maybe relaxed without any worries about anything, neither job, promotions nor studies or the last time you chose family and healthy home cooked meal over a party with friends?
This lock down, I think is an opportunity to connect, rebuild, repair and restore the lost charm of life. To preserve and seize precious moments and laughter with those who matter. To enjoy the cooking session with mom and to cherish the chess matches with dad, to adore the love your partner gives you and to read to your children, to once again play hide and seek with your sister and to spend hours in front of the video game with your brother, and most importantly give some time and love and care to the person who has been your vessel throughout the journey so far and shall continue to be until the time, soul leaves your body-“YOU”.
We were all so socked in the materialistic world and achievements that we forgot about all the other things that actually are the gist of a happy life. We forgot our family, friends, loved ones and most importantly, we lost ourselves. Irrespective of our wishes, dreams and needs, wants and aspirations, we chose to ran behind the plastic. We were all ghastly trapped in the clutches of the infrastructure and fear that we shut out the reason as to why we started running in the first place. We shouldn’t forget, that we are using the facilities to live better and not living to get the facilities.
I believe that this lock down is indeed the much-needed comma we required to give the script of our lives, a better meaning and narrative.
It gave all of us a chance to stop and analyse where we are heading and where we actually want to be. It’s a chance we got to polish ourselves, prepare our armors, and sharpen our blades to fight the battle we all have to face once we are back in the hamster-wheel.
Yes, it’s not at all hunky-dory but as long as you have food in your platter and shed above your head, you are blessed and we should keep going. It’s a tough time, but this too shall pass. Don’t forget-